Our team

Let’s work together

Our team makes client satisfaction a priority

Since 2015, we’ve worked in collaboration with our clients and our contact network to create and optimize projects in order to meet your expectations.

We become part of your team

Combining innovation and expertise is part of our identity

We join forces with your team to provide our technical expertise in manufacturing operations and in the management of mechanical, instrumentation, control and automation projects.

In-depth technical expertise

Driving the growth of businesses with our industrial and mechanical engineering experience.

Project execution

Planning, coordinating and supervising your engineering projects.

Innovation and technological development

Finding innovative solutions is part of our DNA.

Social and environmental responsibility

Minimizing impacts on the environment and communities.

Leaving nothing to chance

Customized projects under a single mission

At Royan TCT, our mission is to provide high-quality technical services, successfully complete the projects entrusted to us, innovate, and optimize the production processes and operations of businesses in order to improve their efficiency, productivity, profitability, ensure client satisfaction, and promote social and environmental responsibility.

Management team

Sylvain Roy

Engineer and President

Anne Moreau

General Manager

Is your business ready to move to a higher level?

Contact us to discuss your project. Together, we’ll assess the best way to work with your team to achieve your objectives.

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