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Whatever the scope of your engineering project, the team at Royan TCT can provide you with customized engineering expertise both in Quebec and across the globe.

Our experts are ready for your technological innovation projects

Discover our customized engineering services

We provide a wide array of planning, design, coordination and supervision services for small- and large-scale engineering projects.

Process optimization

Maximize your investments.

Project management

Free up your internal resources.

Installation supervision and start-up

Complete your projects in partnership with our experts.

Industrial engineering and analysis

Benefit from customized expertise.

Your industrial and manufacturing projects make us travel the world

Our expertise is available across the globe

Since 2015, we’ve had the chance to work on a multitude of local and international projects.

Engineering projects completed
International projects
Clients since 2015
international clients

And many projects underway!

While our team specializes in working with Quebec-based industrial and manufacturing SMEs, we also have the ability to meet your needs around the globe. With our wide network of contacts, we can put together the best teams to make your projects a reality anywhere in the world.

Increase your market competitiveness

Our mission: Optimizing, improving and driving your operations

Through a series of key steps, Royan TCT helps you to optimize your operations, reduce costs, improve product quality, and strengthen your competitiveness.

We perform a detailed analysis of existing processes to identify weaknesses and inefficiencies. This can include observing operations on the ground, analyzing production data, and interviewing staff.

Based on the outcomes of our analysis, we propose changes or improvements to workflows, the automation of recurring tasks and the use of advanced technologies.

Based on our ground experience, we identify clear objectives in addition to defining timelines, allocating the appropriate resources and monitoring project advancement.

The introduction of new processes or technologies may require staff training. The engineering team needs to ensure that employees understand the changes being made, their benefits, and how to correctly implement them.

To assess the efficiency of improvements, our team defines key performance indicators (KPIs), implements appropriate monitoring systems, and measures the gains made in order to identify further opportunities for improvement.

Close collaboration between the engineering team and the company’s different departments is critical. We work closely with all of the involved stakeholders to ensure the success of your project.

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